How cooperative
can we be?

Dear colleague,

“Dare” is a special edition digizine for all Rabobank employees. Its our way of involving you in our businesss strategic course, which aims to give greater meaning to our cooperative identity. If you look up “cooperative” in the dictionary, you'll see its all about doing things in a collaborative, compassionate way as a team, helping each other. It’s a mentality and way of working that defines who we are and makes us more people-oriented, more inclusive, and more socially engaged than other banks. Building on this identity will enable us to become a better, more unique bank and partner for our customers. We want to grow by increasing our positive role in society. Being connected to the real issues among our members, customers, and the people around them also makes us a better bank. Thats how a cooperative bank should work.

This digizine shares examples of the ways in which our cooperative mission and mentality are already big at the bank. Read the stories of colleagues who have asked themselves how they could move closer to a cooperative model in their work and private lives. When I see the energy and amazing initiatives that your cooperative drive can create, I feel particularly proud. You are truly the ones who make Rabobank what it is today – and will be in the future. I hope that each of us will have the courage to commit ourselves even more to today’s major social issues. In a nutshell, it’s about Growing a better world together.

Wiebe Draijer