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Food plays an essential role in our lives. We buy it, we cook it, we share it, we throw it away. We can’t do without it, and yet we handle it so badly. We cán produce enough, nutritious food for a growing world population and respect planetary boundaries at the same time. But we need to do things differently, for our own health and the health of the planet we live on. We must join forces now to meet today’s challenges regarding food, poverty and climate. The good news is that it’s already happening: Conscious consumers, companies, farmers and organizations all over the planet have already started this important transition. As a bank with firm roots in Food and Agri, Rabobank is looking for enthusiastic young food front-runners (age 15-17). Youngsters with a strong vision to accelerate this transition together with us and other experts. We need truly dedicated pioneers with a passion for food. Together with you we will create new ideas, make new connections and massively raise awareness for the transition in food systems worldwide. In 6 digital hackathon sessions, we will develop solutions and ideas, leading up to the Food Systems Summit in September 2021. This worldwide Summit was initiated by the United Nations.

“We believe in a world where healthy, sustainable and inclusive food systems, allow people and planet to thrive. It is a world without poverty or hunger, a world of inclusive growth, environmental sustainability, and social justice. It is a resilient world where no one is left behind.”
Agnes Kalibata, Special Envoy for the 2021 Food Systems Summit

During the Summit, Rabobank will host a final event in which the plans will be presented to the public and press and other relevant stakeholders. Do you want to be involved in this transition to change our food systems as we know them? Are you aged 15 to 17? Are you a food front-runner? Are you daring enough to take the stage? Then join Food4Future! Apply now for Rabobank’s Food4Future initiative and help make things happen. Follow this link to apply right away.